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Dominica Cycling Association to Promote Wider Participation and Inclusion in Cycling

With the rise of introducing other types of sporting activities, the Dominica Cycling Association aims to increase interest in cycling island-wide.


Ronald Charles, President of the Association continues to advocate for the recruiting and continued interest in cycling from the public.

The association plans to garner interested individuals by visiting schools around the island, setting up programs and raising awareness.

These initiatives have been propelled by the continued efforts of Dominica’s most recognized cyclists, who have competed in various regional and international cycling tournaments.


Kohath Baron, one of the known cyclists, is well on his way to competing in the upcoming 2023 Caribbean Cycling Championships in Guadeloupe.

This event will host cyclists from over fifty-nine countries and is set to be a flagship event for the region.

Ronald Charles, President of the Dominica Cycling Association.


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