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Dominica Becomes A Member of The International Solar Alliance

Dominica has signed and ratified an agreement to ensure that the island becomes a member of the international solar alliance

The solar alliance was launch at the United Nationals climate change conference in Paris on November 30th 2015 by Narinda Moody prime minster of India and Francoise Hollande former president of France

The international solar alliance is atreaty-based solar alliance of 121 solar resource rich countries to address social energy needs.

The signing and ratification of the ISA framework agreement by the commonwealth of Dominicais expected to compliment government role in making Dominica the first climate resilient nation in the world.

This will enable Dominica to become less dependent onfossil fuels inmeeting the energy needs of the island in a more sustainable manner.

Dominica has join 46 other unitednationa member countries in signing the agreement of the international solar alliance and is now the 3rd Caribbean country to become a founding members of this initiative

India’s High commissioner to Dominica Bishwa Dip Dey says this signing is a definite step in confronting the climate change effects that Dominica is facing.

Meanwhile Dominica Foreign Affairs Minister Francine Baron says Dominica has been very engaged in the designed and high dependence on fossil fuels.

Baron says Government is fully aware of and has accepted some of the limitations on solar energy because of the island topography, however the beauty of this agreement with Dominica is for the opportunity it provides for learning and sharing.

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