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DLP St. Joseph Candidate to Improve Tourism and Agriculture in the Constituency

Newly launched Dominica Labour Party candidate for the St. Joseph Constituency Dr. Adis King says she will push for enhancements within the local tourism sector in Mero and Layou if elected to serve.

Addressing her official launch on Sunday, Dr. King said she intended to create opportunities for small business owners and farmers, among others.

“I will push for additional enhancement along the Mero Beachfront, that will see the construction of Tiki Huts, a modern jetty, and a boardwalk.”

Dr. King further declared she will seek to provide support to community tourism groups in the villages of Mero and Layou, to hold “activities that will attract more visitors to our communities”.

We want our shops, our restaurants and our small business to come alive and benefit from the gains in Tourism,” she said.

According to Dr. King, plans are also in place to improve the agriculture sector. King declared work will continue on the rehabilitation of farm access roads, and is looking forward to the construction of a processing facility in the Belles village area.

“I want to see dasheen in our local supermarkets with branding that shows it was produced by our belles farmers,” she said.

Meantime, outgoing Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph constituency Kelver Darroux, who also addressed the launch, stressed the importance of citizens’ vote at the next general elections.

He said voters must be mindful of the power of their vote.


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