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DJ Association Announces Boycott of all Carnival Related Events

The Disc Jockeys of Dominica have unanimously agreed not to perform at any Carnival-related or other public event pending a formal and favorable response by the Government of Dominica with regards to a proposal presented by the DJs Association.

This announcement comes on the heels of government’s recent decision to allow for the hosting of special entertainment events in the lead-up to the carnival holidays.

PRO for the Disc Jockeys of Dominica Steven ‘DJ Smoove’ McKenzie explained Disc Jockeys of Dominica feel disregarded as entertainers in Dominica.

According to the association, The proposal outlined the plans and programs of the Association, as well as the significant economic impact on local DJs as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, and the recent natural disasters of tropical storm Erika and Hurricane Maria.

McKenzie says the association will remain “on strike” until the government provides a favorable response to the association’s proposal.

PRO for the Disc Jockeys of Dominica Steven ‘DJ Smoove’ McKenzie

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