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Digicel Dominica today provided an update on the
staff members, from its corporate offices on Bath Road, who have been in isolation over the last
week or so in light of two colleagues returning positive COVID tests on 14th April.

With the identification of these individuals done via contact tracing activities, in line with Ministry
of Health guidelines, all of them were asked to isolate immediately and to carry out a series of
COVID tests. In tandem with that, Digicel also carried out a series of deep cleaning and
sanitization activities to ensure that its office space is a safe space.

As of today, Digicel has confirmed that all staff members have returned two negative PCR test
results each and have completed seven days of quarantine. With that, Digicel has received
confirmation from the Ministry of Health that they are now deemed medically cleared and in
need of no further quarantine measures.

In addition, of the two employees who had tested positive, all have now tested negative, and
having completed the mandated quarantine, are also deemed medically cleared.

Digicel continues to emphasize and enforce COVID safety protocols including signing in upon
entry to our offices for contact-tracing purposes, sanitizing upon entry and throughout the day,
mask wearing upon entry and when moving throughout our offices.

Additionally, Digicel urges everyone to follow the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health and
take hold of opportunities for vaccination.

Digicel extends appreciation to the Ministry of Health, Primary Health Care Unit, doctors, nurses
and all those within the Health Service Industry for your continued diligence throughout this

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