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DFC Speaks on The Growth of Jazz and Creole

Patrons of the 10th edition of Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole can expect an exciting array of fringe events leading up to the Mainstage on Sunday May 5, 2019 at the Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park.

The Discover Dominica Authority says the first of ten (10) fringe events have been confirmed with additional activities to be announced.

Organizers are encouraging both locals and visitors alike to experience the north of Dominica through participation at Jazz ‘n Creole, the fringe events and also the sites and attractions available in this area.

Meantime as the event continues to grow, the DFC is making adjustments to the venue at Cabrits.

“This year what we are doing is reconfiguring the existing location that we have, so we are making a few changes in terms of stage location and all of that so that we will have more space for the patrons”

She also mentioned that exploring a new location to host Jazz and Creole  will not be possible but they are aware of the growth of the event.

That was Project Officer at the Discover Dominica Authority Daphne Vidal.

She also clarified the reason for the change of date for the event after concerns were raised that it now clashes with the well-established May Fest in Marigot.

She explained that Terre De Blues festival in Guadalupe would have originally clashed with Jazz and Creole, which explains the change in date of the Jazz and Creole Festival so that persons from the French Territories may attend.

She went on that the DFC is currently working with the respective Ferries to bring in the French Person.

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