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DCTAI Urges Citizens To Grow The Tourism Sector

Following the launch of the Community Tourism Enhancement Competition (CTEC) late last month.

The Dominica Community Tourism Association has urged citizens to contribute to the growth of the sector through individual community initiatives.

Consultant Manager of the Association Lester Riviere says there are several options available to Dominicans to develop viable tourism projects.

“When you look at community tourism it really embraces eco-tourism, cultural-tourism, adventure-tourism, recreational tourism, geo-tourism , heritage tourism, health tourism, farm tourism, and all other special interest type of tourism activities.”

He continued that there are several different types of tourism that each community can embark on developing, specific to the type of tourism they want to invest in and what their village has to offer. He mentioned that the choice would determine on the unique attributes of the community and how it can be marketed.

Riviere also stated that not only visitors should be attracted but it should also attract persons from other parts of the country and appeal to them to enjoy what it being offered by the community.

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