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DAWU Calls for Unity in Strengthening Representation for Workers

General Secretary of the Dominica Amalgamated Workers Union DAWU Ellias Leah Shillingford says there is need to take an amalgamated approach to strengthening representation for workers.

Mrs. Shillingford says looking back over the past year, 2022 has been a great year for the union adding that with a grant from the International Labour Organization they were able to adequately reorganize their working space to better serve the membership.

She says during that period the union was delighted to have successfully negotiated a collective agreement for workers at two banking institutions among other achievements.

Shillingford says the union has had an increase in new membership however an issue still lingering, is with the number of members who do not pay union dues which affects their ability to adequately conduct business in the best interest of the membership.

She says non-compliance by certain members represented by the union, needs to be approached collectively within the representative bodies in consultation with the Ministry of Labour and calls for the appointment of a Labour Commissioner.

General Secretary of the Dominica Amalgamated Workers Union DAWU Ellias Leah Shillingford.

Shillingford says it must be advised that the successful functioning of the union does not lie solely with the General Secretary or the Administrative staff but with the general Membership who must decide the direction in which the union moves forward.

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