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Danika Paul of the St. Martin Primary School is top performer of 2021 Grade 6 National Assesment

Danika Paul of the St. Martin Primary School has topped the Grade Six National Assessments this year.

Minister for Education Octavia Alfred released the results of the assessment at a press briefing at the Ministry of Finance Conference Room Monday morning.

An additional two students from the St. Martin Primary School and two students from the Convent Preparatory joins Paul on the list of top students this year.

Minister for Education, Octavia Alfred

Meantime, mother of the top student, Miranda Laurent, shared a word of advice to the parents of children preparing to sit the exam next year.

Additionally, Shirley Lawrence, Principal at the Convent Prep School, where two students secured spots in the top 5 of the G6NA, says that God and the involvement of parents are to thank for the students’ success in the exam.

Lawrence urged the students to remain diligent and to avoid distractions.

Shirley Lawrence, Principal of Convent Prep.


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