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Cultural Icon Raymond Lawrence Inspires Dominicans To Take Pride In Their Heritage

The Independence season draws to its peak and with that, the Former Chief Cultural Officer, Raymond Lawrence advocates for the National Wear to be appreciated more out of the Creole season.

When the zig-zags and patterns of our heritage are worn with pride, they depict not only national symbolism but also tell the tale of freedom, empowerment, and identity.


At the 10th annual E.O LeBlanc Memorial Lecture which focused on traditional wear, panelist Raymond Lawrence gave a detailed history of Dominica’s creole wear.

One of his key points was that Dominicans should be proud to uphold their national wear, even outside of the Creole Season.

He discouraged the idea of idealizing foreign fashion trends for national wear and encouraged the public to embrace what we already have.

Being proud of one’s culture not only provides a sense of pride and dignity but also one of belonging and nationalism.

Raymond Lawrence, Former Chief Cultural Officer

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