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Consultant Psychiatrist Says 2% Towards Mental Health In Health Budget Is Not Enough

Consultant Psychiatrist at the Acute Psychiatric Unit, Dr. Nadia Wallace says two percent towards mental health in the national health budget is not enough.

However, what Dr. Wallace considers an unsatisfactory allocation to mental health in the government’s budget, is not a situation restricted to Dominica. She says this is the same worldwide.

Dr Wallace has observed that there is a need to increase the investment to address mental health issues, particularly in the face of this pandemic.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on October tenth, Dr. Wallace has called for adequate care for mental health patients. The theme for the observance is Mental Health in an ‘Unequal World together we can make a difference.’

Consultant Psychiatrist at the Acute Psychiatric Unit, Dr Nadia Wallace.

Meantime, an increase in people relapsing with mental health issues in wake of the COVID pandemic.


These are the findings of consultant psychiatrist Dr. Nadia Wallace. She indicated that changes as a result of the pandemic has brought about mental health issues in not just those suffering from diagnosable mental health conditions.

Some of the factors, Dr. Wallace identifies as driving factors, are loss of jobs, unemployment and fear of illness.

Consultant Psychiatrist at the Acute Psychiatric Unit Dr Nadia Wallace.

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