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Consultant Dr. Henderson Bully Message To The Youth

Consultant Dr. Henderson Bully is calling on young persons to guard the manner in which they carry and conduct themselves in the public so as not to create an embarrassment to them and their family during the carnival season.

He was reacting to claims that many young people are out late at nights into the wee hours of the morning from party limes and are not able to perform effectively on the job the next day.

However he is reminding young person that the body given to them is string and is supposed to withstand sickness and heal itself but if they abuse it then the immune system will not be able to fight against certain diseases.

Dr Bully says there are many diseases that could be derived from persons not caring for their biddies and partying late at nights on a regulator basis from HIV AIDS to rheumatism and arthritis.

It’s alarming the number of young persons who suffer from arthritis and romantic fever because they do not take proper care of their health.

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