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Child Protection A Growing Concern in Dominica

Minister for Family and Gender Affairs, Catherine Lady Daniel has called upon individuals in law enforcement to ensure that with all necessary evidence perpetrators are brought to justice, regardless of who they are.

She has also cautioned parents to be protective over their children.

“No one is above the law, and if you perpetuate a crime against a child or juvenile you should face the consequences, too often parents and guardians take bribes and the dignity of the child is washed away. For what? You have created in your child a lifetime scar for hush money. Your child or children are the most important resource of the country and if we can’t help protect them then we are in the wrong business.”

Former Chief Welfare Officer and now a Consultant within the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Family and Gender Affairs, Martin Anthony has echoed calls for a collective approach to child protection.

Anthony made these statements during his welcome remarks on Wednesday morning.

“We have young people going before the court charged with offenses like theft possession of narcotics, armed with offensive weapons sometimes, and these are concerns to us. I say so because when they commit such crimes and are exposed to violence and crimes sometimes within their homes this is going to tell in our children.”

Anthony also called for child protection agencies to come together for the protection of children. He made specific mention of human resource and skill and knowledge of each child protection agency in Dominica.


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