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Changes Proposed To Tariff Regime For DOMLEC Ahead Of Electricity Rate Review

The Independent Regulatory Commission (IRC) has proposed new rules and changes to procedures for setting and reviewing tariffs for electricity supply.

The IRC has published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking stakeholder input on its overall approach to modifying the “Tariff Regime for Dominica Electricity Services Ltd.” (DOMLEC).

When the IRC wants to alter regulations or take a position in its Decision Documents, it may release an NPRM to solicit public feedback on its proposals. The current NPRM proposes recommendations for completing preparatory activities before DOMLEC files its Notice of Intent to file for new power tariffs.

The NPRM contains the precise modifications that are being proposed. The IRC has recommended an additional modification that would increase the tariff review term from three to five years.

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