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CFLI Helps Local NGO Observe Water Day With A Donation of 47 Water Tanks

On Sunday March 17th the West Dominica Children’s Federation Inc. held a successful community meeting in the village of Gallion. 47 water storage tanks in total were donated from the West Dominica Children’s Federation through a funded project by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.

The tanks were distributed among four communities with pipe borne water difficulties and also vulnerable families with children and elders. The communities were Campbell, Gallion, Sultan, and Warner.

The main theme of the project “Building Women’s Water Management Capacity after a natural Disaster through the provision of water storage tanks” was further supported by the community meeting’s focus of “making harvested rain water safe for use in the household” was well received by the attendees.

Director of the Environmental Coordinating Unit Mr. Lloyd Pascal, guest speaker at the meeting, alluded to the fact that at this stage of development that homeowners should incorporate cisterns in the building process.

He also remarked that, in addition, the rain water from heavy rainfall periods should be collected and be reused to irrigate plants. Such practices are implemented in certain other countries with positive results.

Mr. Pascal informed of the causes and effects of climate change in relation to water resources, pointing out the importance of this relationship, that we are very often, not mindful of.

He applauded the West Dominica Children’s Federation for taking on such a project and seeing it through to successful completion.

In recent times the Office of Disaster Management has warned that the island is now in the warm period where rainfall amounts are generally decreasing, receiving less than normal rainfall amounts.

Mrs. Beverly Baron Federation Coordinator of West Dominica Children’s Federation Inc., conveyed the federation’s sincere gratitude to the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives for this contribution.

In her presentation she highlighted that “because of the roll that women usually play as managers of the home, Building Women’s Capacity in Water Management is vital to us all”.

Being in charge of household chores, taking care of the family, women can monitor and control the use and reuse of water for all purposes. Harvested rainwater could become the main source of water to homes after a disaster. The women are often responsible to ensure that water is being collected and is made safe for drinking if there is no storage of water.  The children will also be educated by their mothers as to the proper use and quantities of water. This will help to reduce water wastage.

The availability of a water storage system through the 250-gallon tanks given to these families will go a long way to ensuring that domestic chores and caring for children and elderly is under control immediately after a disaster.

World Water Day is celebrated on March 22nd 2019 and the West Dominica Children’s Federation thinks that this donation is very fitting to commemorate the day.  The theme “Leaving No One Behind”, “Human Rights and Access to All”.

The Sustainable Development goal #6 stresses the importance of providing safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030, proper hygiene and sanitation; improving the quality and reducing water scarcity; and focusing on women and girls and sustainable water withdrawals.

The information session held in Gallion, was the first of two, the next one planned for the community of Campbell on Sunday March 24th 2019.

The Management and staff of the West Dominica Children’s Federation and beneficiaries of the water storage tank project thanks the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for their continued support over the years.   action is taken to secure our water needs for the future is vita.


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