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Central Statistics Office To Implement Measures To Reach Every Dominican

The Central Statistics office in Roseau says the office was fully prepared for the national Housing and population census in 2021 however, the covid 19 pandemic posed some setback to that exercise.

Deputy Statistician Dwayne Dick says the first phase of the exercise began in 2019 and ended in 2020 where twenty-four mappers visited over 30 thousand structures across the island.

Mappers collected GPS points of every structure along with a few other attributes based on observations only.

He says in the event the household is involved in agriculture, then further questions will be asked

Deputy Statistician Dwayne Dick

Meanwhile, Chief Statistician Lorna Stephens says new measures are being developed to reach residents in cases where they are unavailable at their homes to participate in census activities.

Chief Statistician Lorna Stephens

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