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Calypso Association Not Ruling Out a 2022 Calypso Season

The Dominica Calypso Association is not ruling out staging Calypso competitions in 2022.

Secretary of the DCA Daryl Bobb says looking ahead the shows will be hosted with adherence to COVID-19 health protocols.

The Dominica Calypso Association has come in for high praise from copy wright expert for being the Only association in the Caribbean to have its own building and manage its own affairs without Government’s interference.

The Calypso House located in Bath Estate is a venue for the executive meets to discuss matters pertaining to the art form. Practice sessions, workshops and other events are also conducted at the building’s auditorium.

The Dominica Calypso Association was formed in response to the intended interference and restrictions on the free expression of calypsonians by politicians and governments.

McCarthy Marie says Dominica is unique in several other areas that puts it at the top of other countries.

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