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Bush Fire Tips for Dry Season

Tips from the Forestry, Wildlife & Parks Division for the dry season or “Careme”.

Bush Fires can start from natural causes however they can be prevented by:

  • Persons placing cigarette butts in metal containers. Do not throw them on the ground or into vegetation.
  • Avoid burning on windy, dry days. When conditions are windy or dry it is very easy for open burning to spread out of control.
  • Not using gasoline or other flammable or combustible liquids to burn dried vegetation, trash or other waste.
  • Keeping your yard and immediate surroundings clean, cut and watered. It is a natural firebreak.
  • Closely attend all outdoor fires. Be sure to put out the fire completely before leaving.
  • Keeping a shovel bucket of water, fire extinguisher or garden hose on hand at any time while burning outside.
  • Avoiding the unnecessary felling of trees as they provided much needed shade during this dry season.


For more information please contact the Forestry Wildlife and Parks Division

 Telephone 2665852 or 2665856


Facebook– Dominica’s Forestry Wildlife and Parks Division: Environmental Education Unit.

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