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British Born Prophet Calls for Collaboration Between The Government and The Church

British Born Prophet of Dominica Parentage Moses Rankin, called for closer collaboration between the Government and the Church.

Prophet Rankin plans to meet with Dominicans this week, to speak of God’s plan for their lives and families.

He stated that after having lived through Hurricane Maria, the people of Dominica should now be in a better position to serve God

Moses explained that routine work does not necessarily mean positive work, he went on that “a lot of the time we are tempted to continue a pattern, it is time for us to seek the Lord’s heart and begin to work with the churches and re-establish the community because the church is the heart of the community.”

He went on that Dominica is going through physical post-disaster repair and so it is an ideal time for spiritual repair for the country.

“The Lord is saying right now to Dominica, this is a time for recovery, repair, and reformation and it’s also a pivotal time because it is a time for transformation, and to the christian community of dominica, God is bringing us into alignment  so we can repair the land spiritually.”

Prophet Rankin continued “when certain accidents of disasters happen sometimes it’s a response to something that has happened in the spirit”


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