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Bouyon Inc Holds Panel Discussion – Does Bouyon Music Influence Violent Behavior?

Bouyon Inc, organizers of the Bouyon Festival, will tonight host a panel discussion on the topic, “Does Bouyon Music Influence Violent Behavior?”

President of Bouyon Inc. Larry Cambran says the panel discussion comes ahead of the launch of the Bouyon Festival carded for July 2018.

The discussion will hear from Cornell Phillip, an original member of the WCK Band, Jeoffrey Joseph, the Manager of the Triple Kay Band and a third panelist, a prominent public official will debate the question.

This comes against the background of recent public comments that associated incidences of violence in carnival bands with Bouyon music and Bouyon bands.

The panel discussion will be carried live by KairiFM at the UWI Centre at 7:00 O’ Clock tonight and will be moderated by Tim Durand

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