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Astaphan responds to uproar over letter written to DPP…says abuse of the court must be prevented

Senior counsel Tony Astaphan has responded to comments made by Opposition Leader Lennox Linton on a letter written by the lawyers representing the members of the DLP in an alleged treating matter against candidates of the DLP currently before the courts.

The complaint was filed against members of the DLP for alleged treating in the form of concerts organized ahead of the 2014 general elections.

The letter is calling for the Director of Public Prosecutions to discontinue the case which was recently thrown out by the CCJ which ruled that the matter should be brought back before the magistrate’s court for trial.

Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton

However SC Astaphan says the Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecution has a constitutional responsibility to prevent abuse of the courts.

He encouraged the public to read through the letter which will outline the obvious abuse of the courts.

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan.


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