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Aquaculture Unit successfully completed its third distribution of seedlings/ larvae

The Fisheries Division/Aquaculture Unit has completed its third distribution of seedlings/ larvae or ‘prawn seeds’ to three farmers.

The Ministry says the Jimmit Hatchery which was devastated after Hurricane Maria has now been operationalized and technical officers locally are able to reproduce and multiply prawns for mass distribution to the cadre of farmers.

Last week three farmers Marvin Daniel of the North, Charles Gardier of the West and George “Joey” Fontaine of the South received 60,000 seedlings to boost their operations.

Chief Fisheries Officer Julian Defoe says the Ministry is investing heavily in the development of aquaculture in Dominica with assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Presently freshwater prawns are being sold between $25-$30 per lb and the demand for these commodities including tilapia as a source of protein has been increasingly steadily.

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