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Approximately $104 Million EC Dollars has been allocated towards housing for the people of Dominica. 

Government has improved on its overall plans in the housing sector for Dominica by making $104 Million EC Dollars available towards housing for the people of Dominica

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Roosevelt Skeriit says it is his intention to construct a total of 5,000 homes for Dominica when he addressed the people of Delices and Laplaine on the weekend.

Government made a promise to the people of Dominica that it would construct 1000 houses to people in dire needs whoever it will over triple that number.

The people of Delices will see work commence on new hurricane resistant structures effected today Monday and the people of Laplaine will see commence on Wednesday this week

Mister Skerrit said cabinet took a deliberate decision to start in the South East as that part of the island was among the worst hit by the 2017 hurricane

Under the government’s build back better initiative Mr. Skerrit indicated that on April 6th Government will hand over 10 homes to 10 families.

Government has negotiated with the World Bank for $115 million US dollars of which $50 Million will be allocated as grant funding.

Mister Skerrit says of that amount 40 million US dollars will be allocated to wards housing. He is also urging Dominicans to avoid negative talk and people who are negative as we build a better Dominica

Mister Skerrit says he wants efficient and good quality work in time for the next hurricane season.

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