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Annual Diaspora Meeting to be Held on November 2nd

Visiting Dominicans will get a chance to discuss their concerns with the government during the annual diaspora government forum today, November 2nd, 2023.

The annual discussion between Dominicans visiting during the independence season, and government, will take place at the State House Conference Room from 10 a.m. Thursday.

Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs, Athenia Benjamin told Kairi News the forum serves as an avenue through which visiting Dominicans can interact with the cabinet and be correctly informed on current affairs.

Miss Benjamin said, “It’s an opportunity where government is going to share information…” Many times Diaspora receive information that is not entirely true. However, the Diaspora meeting provides a platform for them to ask questions to find the correct answers from the officials themselves.

With the hopes of preventing the spread of misinformation, Ms Benjamin emphasized the Forum also provides a platform for the diaspora to voice their concerns.

Living abroad comes with many challenges, and as a diaspora, there may be some challenges with misinformation as well as other major concerns.

Among the many areas for discussion are direct air access to Dominica and the current debate on the eligibility of the diaspora in local politics.

When asked about the latter, Miss Benjamin stated that once you’re a Dominican, then you should always have the right to vote.


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