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A New Political Party has been formed to Contest in The Next General Elections

The newly established People’s Party of Dominica says contesting in the next general elections due in Dominica in 2019. 

The party is spearheaded by Sapphire Carrington, based in New York. 

Sapphire Carrington

Head of the P-POD Carrington says the current state of the country has inspired her to form this new party.

She spoke to Kairi FM News

Carrington says the failure of the current parties to move Dominica forward has pushed her towards entering the political arena.

Meantime, Carrington has expressed thanks to all leaders and citizens of Dominica who welcomed her to the political arena.

According to the thank you messaged obtained by Kairi FM it stated in part: “We are delighted to see that they have an understanding that democracy works when there is an opportunity for all people and parties to be heard and be respected.” 

As P-POD, we will refrain from blame games or naming individuals. We will consider things from a starting point with a clean sheet, and work on creating a prosperous Dominica for all. Whoever wants to cooperate or work with us to achieve this goal, we welcome to do so.

We will concentrate on building a better future for all people in Dominica, not just for a selected few, but rather for ALL. We are very much aware that not everyone is the same, not everyone shares the same opinion, neither does everyone live under the same circumstances. P-POD aims to find balance and harmony among all people of Dominica and to jointly improve our standard of living and quality of life.

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