A Goodwill park formerly known as PPFC or ASTA Park will be renamed after the late Bishop Michael Bill Daniel.


Bishop Daniel was one of the longest serving Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Dominica district.

He was also a recipient of the government meritorious award.

Daniel championed the cause of f young people and children particularly in the area of sports and education before he passed on.

He is succeeded by reverend Casmus John of St Vincent

The People Pentecostal Recreation Park will be renamed after Bishop Daniel on Saturday with a ceremony from 4pm.

John says the PPFC now has a better looking and safer park to present to the public for recreation and relaxation in accordance with the standards of UNICEF.

A concert will follow Saturday’s ceremony

According to Reverend John, the proceeds from the concert will go towards church building which was damaged by Hurricane Maria.



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