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A Bi-Election To Be Announced for the Grandbay Constituency This Week

Reports reaching Kairi news indicate that the name of His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Vince Henderson is making the rounds as the likely Labour Party candidate for the bi-elections in the Grandbay constituency.

The bi-election is expected to be announced soon.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on his Anou Paley Show on Sunday night said the person who will represent the grandbaby constituency will certainly have big shoes to fit and must bring a high level of commitment to the people and have a willingness to hear and respond to their needs.

He said Grand Bay would need a representative willing to put in the hard work, one who is empathetic and caring, a creative problem solver, and one who is mission-driven.

That person, Mr. Skerrit said, must love people and genuinely care about their wellbeing and welfare.

An announcement about a bi-election will be made during the course of this week.


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