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Citizens Called to Assist Police in Crime Reduction

National Security Minister Rayburn Blackmoore has called on citizens to assist the police in efforts to reduce crime.

Days after the most recent killing of a Bath Estate Man, Blackmoore released a statement imploring citizens to play a greater role in firearm control and crime reduction.

“At this time,” Blackmore said, “It is imperative that the police have an airtight, flexible, innovative and multi- faceted approach to comabatting this trend. However, it must be emphasized that the effort to curb violence involving firearms cannot rest on the police alone”.

The Minister referred to crime as “a societal problem” that needs “a societal response”.He told the public to expect the reinstitution of a ‘Community Policing Programme’.

This program involves active leaders of the community encacting community protection plans that the Police Force have created and tailored for each community.

He has also revealed plans for a juvenile justice program to intercept criminal behavior in youth, as a way for the criminal justice system to play a bigger role in crime reduction.

“I wish to assure the Dominican public that a Juvenile Justice program which will target interventions for youth at risk to prevent their evolution into full-time criminals is well underway”.

He also assured the public that the Ministry of Justice plans a review of the firearms act “to ensure more stringent penalties for firearm offenses.”

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