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41% Receive Passing Grade in CSEC Mathematics Across Region

Students across the region continue to perform poorly in mathematics at the CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) level, with only 41 percent of those who sat the exam in June/July 2021 receiving a passing grade.

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) made the revelation on Thursday as it gave a breakdown of the performances of students in the latest regional exams administered by the body.

The results in CSEC mathematics represent a backward step after a marked improvement last year when 52 percent of students who sat the exam received a passing grade in the subject compared to 46 percent in 2019 and 49 percent in 2018.

Meanwhile, according to the data released earlier Thursday, 74 percent of students who sat English Language A received passing grades one to three.

Here is a breakdown of performances in other CSEC subjects across the region:

English B – 61%
Integrated Science – 66%
Biology – 89%
Chemistry – 63%

Physics – 66%
Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM) – 87%
Human and Social Biology – 68%
Principles of Business – 79%
Information Technology – 89%
Social Studies – 54%
Office Administration – 79%

On the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) side, in the core subject of Caribbean Studies, some 95 percent of students who sat the exam earned grades one to five. In Communication Studies, another core CAPE subject, 93 percent of students received a passing grade.

CXC results will be officially released to teachers and students today.

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