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$11.2 Million Dollars Road Project Between Cochrane and Antrim Valley

The Cochrane road through the Antrim Valley  is expected to cost the government of Dominica in excess of $11 Million dollars when completed and this road could be used as an alternative should there be further deterioration or failure to the Antrim Road

Dr. Colin McIntyre speaking with officials on site visit on Cochrane Road

Public works minister Dr Collin McIntyre says the Antrim valley road has been under serious challenges for many years however government has been able to make a very serious transformation of the road network in that area and build a new backroad in Cochrane as an alternative

He spoke to reporters during a site visit to the Roseau Valley on Wednesday.

Dr McIntyre says he is pleased with the level of work that has been done on the Cochrane road so far despite the setbacks caused by climatic conditions.

Public Works Minister Dr Collin McIntyre

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